Welcome to Rocket League Tips

Welcome to Rocket League Tips!

Rocket League tips has just started, make sure to be along for the ride from the beginning! We have a lot of knowledge and passion for the game of Rocket League. With that mentioned we would really appreciate some suggestions for articles, and feedback in the comments section. Basically we are what you guys make us. If we have a lot of good articles floating around our site about various parts of the great game of Rocket League, that is up to you. If our site is sparsely populated and there are not really any Rocket League tips that you like, then that is on you. We are here for you guys, and want to hear from you!

Our Plan

Just so you know a little about our plan. We are going to pump out a lot of articles at the beginning of the site, so then we can get a lot more people here, so then we can all be friends! We hope to have around 20 or so articles all across the Rocket League spectrum within the next few weeks. Thus far we plan on having articles about

  • Possible cross-play between xbox, ps4, and steam
  • an in depth analysis of the different cars and which one you should be using to get that extra edge
  • a review on all the different pc parts out there for playing Rocket League
  • ten basic Rocket League tips so then the beginning player can boost past those pros
  • a review on the wide range of different controllers out there to play Rocket League on pc

As you noticed this isn’t a list of twenty different articles, this is just a small sampling of what we have waiting for you here at Rocket League Tips! We don’t want to spoil the surprise so you only get five ideas of upcoming articles. Don’t forget to suggest some articles down below in the comments.

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  • Sammy the Sea Otter

    Hey, nice post! I’m excited to see what you guys come up with. I would like to see an article on the new Rocket League ranking system. Thanks.

  • Jerry

    Awesome blog!

  • Susan

    This website is really cool! I didn’t know about some of this stuff you guys posted.


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