Rocket League Controller Setup

If you are just starting out in Rocket League you probably haven’t considered changing up your Rocket League controller setup. You might even kind of like smashing that microphone button all the time. However, you can move past your opponents and rank higher faster if, you are willing to change up your controller layout.

If you think about it, we customize everything in our lives. I chose what I ate for breakfast, and I customized it by adding two types of cereals together. When you brush your teeth, you have a customized toothbrush. Just the color you like. You spend all the time picking out every little aspect of your car in Rocket League, you even do it for two different colors!  This means that your Rocket League controller layout better be customized!

If you are still reading, that m...

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Rocket League Update: April

There are some amazing updates in store for us during April! Here’s the link to the official announcement of what we can expect in April. I’ll just give you a quick rundown. Rocket League Update: April!!!

My favorite Rocket League update is Hoops! Who isn’t excited for Rocket League Basketball?! We learned a little more about Hoops in the announcement, it will be available in Private Match, Exhibition, or new Casual Playlist that you play 2v2. The arena for Hoops is going to be called “Dunk House”. Overall this is going to be an amazing update, and I imagine I’m going to sink a lot of time into Hoops.

Other announcements included: Replay Quick-Saving, Replay Naming, Bounce Fixes, Xbox One updates, and “Cosmic” Arena...

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