Rocket League Split Screen Two Monitors

Don’t worry you don’t have to a “hacker” or a computer genius to configure Rocket League split screen two monitors. It is rather simple. I bet my Mom could do it if she followed these steps. This is for playing Rocket League on your PC obviously. Good luck getting into the filesystem on your PS4 or Xbox One.

Rocket League Split Screen Two Monitors in Six Steps

  1. Find the folder that Rocket League is installed in
    1. You can just go to \Documents\My Games\RocketLeague\Engine\Config
  2. Look for the settings file it is normally an .ini file like BaseSystemSettings.ini
  3. Inside of the above file you will find a spot for resolution
    1. It looks like ResX = blah
  4. If your two monitors are set at the same resolution just double the number for the horizontal resolution.
    1. If they are not the same resolutio...
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