Rocket League Update: April

There are some amazing updates in store for us during April! Here’s the link to the official announcement of what we can expect in April. I’ll just give you a quick rundown. Rocket League Update: April!!!

My favorite Rocket League update is Hoops! Who isn’t excited for Rocket League Basketball?! We learned a little more about Hoops in the announcement, it will be available in Private Match, Exhibition, or new Casual Playlist that you play 2v2. The arena for Hoops is going to be called “Dunk House”. Overall this is going to be an amazing update, and I imagine I’m going to sink a lot of time into Hoops.

Other announcements included: Replay Quick-Saving, Replay Naming, Bounce Fixes, Xbox One updates, and “Cosmic” Arena. Rocket League will soon have a hot-key to save the replay of the match, so then you don’t have to remember at the end of the match. That will be an amazing update for me, because I always forget to save my replays. Now when I do a crazy aerial goal, I can save that crap to repost on Reddit! Along the same lines, with Replay Naming now any replay that you have saved you can name it. This will make it easier to keep the replays that I want to keep, and get rid of the replays that are less impressive.

As you may have noticed the physics is off when the ball bounces. This is happening across the entire game of Rocket League. I would highly recommend checking out the official announcement linked above, because they have included gifs of the fixes that will be implemented. This Rocket League update will help new players get used to real physics faster.

Xbox One will soon be receiving everything that we already enjoy on the Steam platform. They will get Rocket Labs, which will be a big change for them. Included with the Xbox One updates they will receive “Cosmic” which will be a brand new arena! It is inspired from a map from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!

These are updates not to be missed! Keep checking back for our reports when the Rocket League updates hit! While you’re at it, hit one of those share buttons down below.

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