Rocket League Tips Part I

Welcome to the first of many, and I mean a lot of posts about Rocket League tips. If you haven’t heard about Rocket League before, well you are in for a treat. It is one of the best games out there! Rocket League is working on cross-platform play, and has multiple game play modes already. I know you are probably screaming at me, “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SAID WHAT THE GAME IS OR ANY ROCKET LEAGUE TIPS!” Which is a fair thing to do. Rocket League can be described as car soccer. You drive around as a car with the ability to use rocket boost to help you time shots against the opposing team’s defense. If you haven’t seen anyone play here’s a video of some of the best players.

Now that you have watched that video I think you are finally ready for some Rocket League Tips. I mean watching a video like that makes me want to up my game. Those guys are absolutely insane at Rocket League. It makes me look like an old lady that was just handed a blindfold and the controller.

19 Rocket League Tips

  1. Think Before You Act
    •  After playing only a few games of Rocket League you can definitely see the players that follow this tip or not. The ones that don’t are the ones that are chasing the ball as if they were on the Disney Movie Up. They don’t end up with that many points at the end of the game, and their teammates usually hate them. On the other side of the spectrum you have the people that plan out their moves. They are usually sitting outside the chaos, and wait to see the perfect move jump out of the noob freestyle and score that long range goal that seemed impossible. All because they thought before they acted.
  2. Practice with Friends or Bots
    • The old mantra comes to mind practice makes perfect. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that from my parents, I’d have two controllers for Rocket League! Jokes aside, it is really important to learn the basics of the game before you jump out to competitive, and get intimidated. There are whole seasons you can play if you have the desire, and it is the perfect place to start timing your jumps and aerials. I know I see way too many noobs jumping and not getting anywhere near the ball. Don’t be that guy. Go practice before you hit the field!
  3. There is no I in Team
    • There is always that one person on your team that is pushing your car, crashing into you, and stealing your goals. Then when your team starts to lose, they blame it all on everyone else. Don’t be that guy! When a team works well together you can visibly see a difference. They can get that assist to the guy in the middle, that totally stumps your team. I can’t even count the amount of times that our team missed a goal, and ultimately lost because that teammate couldn’t hold back and needed to ram me into the wall. I mean really, if you are that guy stop now or I will find you. Taken style.
  4. Do all Training Modes
    rocket league tips
    • This cannot be stressed enough. There are three main training modes to practice: Goalie, Striker, and Aerial. Within each category they have three levels, so everyone can feel right at home. After a rough game where I miss an aerial shot, I run through the aerial training. I recommend doing the same. The training modes are there for a reason, and like stated before practice makes perfect. Now I can be a parent, I’ve said it to someone.
  5. Use the Right Tool at the Right Time
    • Your car has reverse for a reason. I mean doing a donut is fun and all, but when you lose because of it the fun is gone. Make sure to remember to use that double jump instead of a backflip. You’ll hit higher up, and be able to save the day. This goes back to tip number one. If you think before you act, you’ll be using the right tool at the right time.
  6. Don’t Always Shoot that Goal
    • There are times where the defense is lined up just right, and you need to pass. It happens in any sport, including Rocket League. Don’t be a llama queen and shoot a crappy shot, pass the ball and get on with it. Your teammate will set you up next time. This is important for those times when the ball is chilling just to the side of the goal hugging the wall, good luck on that pinch shot. Just pass it, and you’ll get the goal. You could even score from some awful defense hitting it in. I know that is commonplace for me when I play against a team that doesn’t have it together.
    • Rocket League tips can be as easy as this. So many teams that I end up on, or play against everyone thinks they are the Lebron James of Rocket League. They think, “Oh, he can defend I can score all the goals.” AS HE RAMS INTO THE WALL! Make sure to rotate with your team to play defense. Then everyone can have full boost, and you can wreck that other team. Also, if someone is defending they have a Birdseye view of the field, and can knock in those long range shots that are just waiting to be had. Play defense, you’ll thank me later.
  8. Go Sky High
    • Use the Aerial hit! You can knock their socks off, look like a boss, and you are way higher in the air than a flip. If you really want to step your game up to the next level, follow this Rocket League tip, hit the “aerial gym”! Make sure you can pass all the aerial practices no problem, and you’ll be way ahead of the competition. You’ll be getting matched up to play against veterans if you are semi-pro, or experts even. It makes you feel awesome, so put in the time. Just DO IT!
  9. Play With a Team
    • If your friends don’t play Rocket League, find new friends. Just kidding, get them to play so you can have a team of three. Once you three get used to how each other play, you’ll be unstoppable. When I play with my friends, it is a different game than when I go online and match up with some random hobos that talk in leet speak. If your friends aren’t interested in Rocket League, off them and meet some people in Rocket League. There are over 1 million people that play Rocket League, you’re bound to find someone that you can befriend. If not, I’ll be your friend. Just comment below your steam, PS4, or Xbox One name.
  10. Approach the Ball at an Angle at Kickoff
    rocket league tips
    • This is one of the most underrated Rocket League tips on the list. Think of kickoff as if it were a game of pool. You can hit the ball at just the right angle, and when combined with the opposing player’s trajectory you can score a goal faster than you can chug a Mountain Dew. My record for chugging a 20 oz Mountain Dew is eight seconds. My fastest goal in Rocket League is two seconds. Compare the two, and you could score four goals by the time I finish chugging that Mountain Dew. Practice your angles, and you’ll be killing that dude with the deadmou5 topper in no time!
  11. Keep an Eye on Your Boost
    • If you have played more than one game of Rocket League you have noticed that there are boosts everywhere on the field. However, you never seem to have enough when you need it. If that is the case, you should be watching more closely your boost. All around the edge of the field there are boost things that give you 100% boost. Plan your way down the field in a way that leaves you with all the boost, and your opponent with none. Boost starving is a huge strategy in Rocket League. The sooner you can be on the winning side of it the better. You’ll really appreciate it when you can laugh at your opponents as they are still behind midfield.
  12. Push Opponents
    • This is one of the lamer Rocket League tips. It is useful to push or destroy your opponent, but it is super frustrating to be on the receiving end. Like break your controller freak out and cry frustrating. Okay, maybe not that bad. I push or demolish my opponents on occasion. If it is win or lose, I go for it. If not, I usually try some other way because it doesn’t feel as classy to demolish your opponent and then score on them. It is like pushing them down to the ground, and then dumping your Mountain Dew on them while their crush is walking by. Just keep that in mind before you demolish someone.
  13. Act First
    • Heck yeah! Just like with girls you need to act first in Rocket League. It puts the pressure on your opponent to make a move and they usually will mess it up. This works really well when you are playing in a team, because then your teammate can field the messed up ball and you can boost ahead for the pass into the goal. Personally, I have one many a duel, that sounds fancy like Andrew Jackson, by surprising my opponent after they just wasted all their boost and I boost across the field with the ball and dribble it into the goal as my opponent lags behind.
  14. Slow Down and Boost When You Go For a Shot
    • This should fall more into a Rocket League tips for duels. The only reason behind that is that when you are playing 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 you have a lot of other people on the field to watch out for. However, in a duel you only have one nub to pwn. That means if you are closer to the goal than them, take your time pull back on your joystick a tad, and really aim. That shot will fly true like an arrow, that nub will go cry to his Mom and you’ll be victorious.
  15. Switch Up Your Cameras
    rocket league tips
    • Did you know there is a ball cam view? This is perfect for when you need to line up that aerial, or to make sure that your jump shot is just right. It can be a little disorienting at first, so make sure to practice up. If you watched the video above, you’ll see that they switched between ball cam view, and normal view frequently. They were able to track the ball wherever it was, and line up some incredible hits. This wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t used both of the cameras to their advantage.
  16. Chill at the Goal Line to Defend
    • When you are playing you’ve noticed many strategies for defending the goal. This Rocket League tip is for those that really want be the best defender around. If the ball is rushing in from the corner, feel free to be on that line, rush out and hit that ball careening towards your opponents goal. This tip if well utilized can turn the tides in a close match. If you stink at it, I would recommend playing how you normally do, until you get comfortable with this strategy. Because if you can’t block like this, your opponent WILL score on you over and over again.
  17. Learn to Play in Reverse
    • How many goals have you seen where the defending teams backs into the ball, and makes an easy goal for the other team? I have seen many. That guy was even me a time or two, until I learned how to play in reverse. Now, I am scoring on the other team and using my car’s butt to do it. If you don’t think that is humiliating, then wait until it happens to you. Then you’ll come back and read through all these Rocket League tips again!
  18. PowerSlide to Line Yourself Up
    • When you are new to Rocket League, you rarely use the PowerSlide. However, as time goes on you practice it. You get better. You even use PowerSlide to start flipping into position at just the right time for an epic save, or that goal that everyone watches the replay of. You know what goal I’m talking about.
  19. It is Okay to Wait
    • Can you believe this is the last tip? I’m kinda sad, and you should be too. This goes along with playing defense, acting first. If you can combine all three of these tips, you’ll become a Rocket League tips Megazord. Now wouldn’t that be cool? Feel free to let your opponent try and setup, you know what they are thinking. You are their master. Don’t worry about wasting time you are ahead. Overall just think about your moves, and you’ll know whether to wait or to be their first. Practice, and you’ll kill it.

Thanks for reading through all 19 of our Rocket League Tips! There are a lot more articles like this to come, so make sure to check back for part II. Let us know in the comments which was your favorite tip!

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