Rocket League Tips Infographic

If you are on the internet for more than five seconds, you’ve heard of infographics before. They are a buzzword across the whole internet, and impossible to escape. Normally, they are decent at best. I mean, do I really need to see an infographic about how many corndogs your Mom can eat? Not really. However, I do need and I really mean NEED here, a Rocket League tips infographic!

Think about the possibilities! There are so many difficult topics to describe using only words. You can take screenshots or gifs, but sometimes the rocket league tips need to be presented in a more manageable solution. That is where the Rocket League tips infographic comes in! Beautiful imagery, descriptive details, and unimaginable comprehension. It is just a bonus that your gameplay will get better!

Without further ado, I present the amazing Rocket League tips infographic from Robert Putyra!
rocket league tips infographic

Wow! Wasn’t that the best five minutes of your life? If you can follow those tips, you really will see a huge change in your gameplay. For example, when I am playing 1v1, I always conserve my boost. In 1v1, he who has more boost wins. Having extra boost also helps when you are playing a normal 3v3 game. If you have just a little bit more boost than your opponent, you can boost past them and knock the rolling ball into the goal.

I would like to thank Robert again for the amazing Rocket League tips infographic. He frequently contributes on reddit as Frostyra, so make sure to thank him when you see him around! I hope that the Rocket League community latches on to this idea, and starts creating a lot more infographics. I personally can learn a lot from them, and I can teach a lot better using them. I’ll eventually try making one of my own, but with amazing people like Robert around I will hopefully just be writing sweet posts instead!

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