Rocket League Split Screen Two Monitors

Don’t worry you don’t have to a “hacker” or a computer genius to configure Rocket League split screen two monitors. It is rather simple. I bet my Mom could do it if she followed these steps. This is for playing Rocket League on your PC obviously. Good luck getting into the filesystem on your PS4 or Xbox One.

Rocket League Split Screen Two Monitors in Six Steps

  1. Find the folder that Rocket League is installed in
    1. You can just go to \Documents\My Games\RocketLeague\Engine\Config
  2. Look for the settings file it is normally an .ini file like BaseSystemSettings.ini
  3. Inside of the above file you will find a spot for resolution
    1. It looks like ResX = blah
  4. If your two monitors are set at the same resolution just double the number for the horizontal resolution.
    1. If they are not the same resolution, open your desktop settings.
    2. Put the two monitors next to each other.
  5. You will also need to set AllowSecondaryDisplays=True
    1. Set SecondaryDisplayMaximumWidth= to the width of one monitor
    2. SecondaryDisplayMaximumHeight= to the height of one monitor
  6. Save the file, and enjoy Rocket League split screen two monitors!

Don’t forget to set this back when you want to play by yourself, as that could get annoying. The only other side effect is that you will have the menu split across the two screens until you get into a match, but hey it is worth it. If you still have issues make sure in your in game options you have split screen set to Vertical. If you leave it on Horizontal, you’ll end up having a bad time, because the two of you will always have the ball displaying in the middle of the space between the two screens. That would be lame after all this hard work, so make sure to set your split screen setting to Vertical. If you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to comment and we’ll help you out ASAP.

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2 comments to Rocket League Split Screen Two Monitors

  • SpectreJoe

    For people playing on Xbox I really recommend getting some nice monitors as it makes rocket league look beautiful.

    • legitimentary

      I totally agree! Thank you for this tip!


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