Rocket League Season 4

Season 4! We finally have some updates on Rocket League season 4! We know about the rewards of Season 3, when Season 4 should start, and some surprises in Season 4!

Rocket League Season 4 – What we know

Season 4 should be starting by the beginning of April. I really hope it isn’t going to be April 1st. I could totally see Psyonix doing a huge prank on everyone! They are releasing a future game update so the time that Season 4 starts still has a variable date. Which I am am fine with, I don’t want to have a bad update so I am fine waiting until Psyonix is ready. The rewards for Season 3 are going to be wheels! Aww yeah! Wheels are going to be important because they are way easier to show off than other items in the past, If you get shooting star or above you get animated wheels. Which is basically what everyone wants. The same rules as Season 3 apply, that is if you already reached a rank you will get that rank’s reward and lower.


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