Rocket League Hoops Review

Wow! We’ve had hoops for three days. What a glorious three days it has been. I’ve definitely played a lot more Rocket League Hoops than I thought I was going to. If you haven’t seen the trailer go check out our previous article about all the hoops hype. Anyways, let get down to the nitty gritty, aka the review.

Rocket League Hoops Review

I’m going to break the review into a few categories: Dunk House (the new arena), 2v2, the hoop, and miscellaneous. That way I won’t be going all over the place, and we can focus together on one topic at a time. Let’s start with Dunk House.

Dunk House

I never thought I would play Rocket League in such a small area. I have also never been demolished in rapid succession like that. A lot of people are complaining about the size and the fact that one side has a slight difference in where the boosts are located. I personally really like Dunk House. The details that went into it are astounding! If you land off balance you’ll hear the squeak of the wood. However, the squeak isn’t too much as to make you want to throw your headphones into the abyss. I also like how much effort is put into the surroundings in every Rocket League arena, but Dunk House is the best so far. The corners of the arena might be my favorite, because if I time it just right I can make a sick pinch shot that leaves everyone scratching their heads. The lighting of the arena is spot on as well, it feels like I am going to be running into Kobe or Lebron at any moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started to sell a Rocket League heat lamp to complete the engulfing effects. I personally would recommend Dunk House to anyone.

rocket league hoops

Look at that unprecedented beauty of Rocket League Hoops!


Man if you have been on the Rocket League subreddit recently, you’ve heard all the little girls whining about Rocket League Hoops only being available in 2v2. I wish Reddit had something above gold that I could buy that would come with the power to squirt someone with water every time they whined. I would pay so much! Reddit if you are listening, please please please do this for me!

2v2 is obviously the best mode for Hoops. Psyonix has the best developers out there, which means you know they test their code. That means you can count on the fact that they tried 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. Then they decided on the best gameplay, that came out to be the decision of 2v2. If you think about it, 2v2 is where you get the most teamwork happening. In lower ranks, you can know exactly who rammed into you. 2v2 is the perfect fit for Hoops. You feel more camaraderie when you set up your teammate for that perfect shot, or when you were both needed to save that goal. I imagine if there is enough want from the Rocket League community, then Psyonix will release other modes of Hoops. However, I stand by the decision that 2v2 is the best way to play Rocket League Hoops.

The Hoop

The hoop takes a while to get used to. The first time I played Hoops I was trying my hand at goalie and was sitting inside the hoops for a second. BOOM! The ball slammed into the net in front of me, and bounced back! I felt like I was inside of an invincible fish tank, and wanted to yell “Scrub!” However, I soon realized how awesomely the “netwall” affected gameplay. If you hit the net just right, the ball would roll up and sink into the hoop like sweet, sweet victory!

rocket league hoopsAn interesting observation has been made the end of the game in Rocket League Hoops. When the time has all ran out, the ball can usually touch everything but the ground and still be in play. However, in Hoops there is another horizontal surface for the ball to smash down on, the rim. That’s right, if the ball touches the rim, the game can end. Which does not fit into normal basketball rules, so there is speculation that this will change in a upcoming patch.

The hoop is hard to defend. I have to admit, I feel pretty comfortable blocking the goal in normal Rocket League. Hoops is a different story. I get inside the net and turn ball view on and try and aerial it away. Yeah right! I look like a buffoon nine times out of ten. When you finally save that one, you know everyone will be mashing “What a Save!” until they get their chat disabled. You like a baller when you nail it! If you think about real basketball, yeah I know BLASPHEMY outside real sports the sun, it is a lot harder to block an incoming shot than if you were playing soccer. The scores reflect that. A good basketball game can go into the triple digits, and a really good soccer game can end zero to zero.

Rocket League Hoops Miscellaneous

Everything else that didn’t fit into another category goes here. First, I want to point out that Hoops is perfect for aerial practice. I realized how bad at aerials I was when I tried Hoops for the first time. I’ve improved a lot over the course of the last few days, and that is all attributed to playing Hoops like a demon. Second, Hoops is a big change from normal game play, and from Snow Day. Hoops makes me hopeful for any number of amazing game modes. I am still a hopeful for Rocket League tetherball. We all know that Rocket League baseball will never happen. Third, Hoops is hard. It gives another edge to the players that felt comfortable where they were at. Lastly, Hoops is the best! I am a huge Hoops fan and I am sure that has became apparent reading this review.

Overall I give Hoops a 9.8/10. Once the game doesn’t end when the ball hits the rim, I’ll give it a 10/10.

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