Rocket League Guide (Fun Sized)

How many of you guys have had a teammate that has no idea what is going on? I sure have, and I used to be that teammate forever ago. When I am teaching my friends how to play Rocket League I definitely want a Rocket League guide on how to play. Not tutorials, because you can pick up bad habits playing tutorials, or by playing the seasons mode. I am talking about an easy to read flow chart that can help you teach your friends, and maybe yourself, how to quit being so bad at Rocket League. Thanks to MegaChip97 from Reddit for solving this problem for me, and for a lot of other people out there. I’ll quit gushing about this Rocket League guide, and just show you guys already!

The Rocket League Guide

rocket league guide

You’ll want to download it to be able to see it better, because it doesn’t fit very well on our site. However, if you don’t download it prepare to be the laughing stock of everyone! You would of had the opportunity to finally use a Rocket League guide that doesn’t reek of awfulness, but you decided to skip out. Or you could just go to where it is hosted on imgur. That would work too.

This flow chart is absolutely amazing. It helps you decide what to do in each step of a game of Rocket League. If you think about it, when you are playing there are split second decisions that need to be made, that when made correctly win games. This Rocket League guide will help you make that decision correctly, every time. Study it, and let me know what you guys think, because I think it is the “bees knees”!

Thanks again to MegaChip97 for this work of art!

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