Rocket League Controller Setup

If you are just starting out in Rocket League you probably haven’t considered changing up your Rocket League controller setup. You might even kind of like smashing that microphone button all the time. However, you can move past your opponents and rank higher faster if, you are willing to change up your controller layout.

If you think about it, we customize everything in our lives. I chose what I ate for breakfast, and I customized it by adding two types of cereals together. When you brush your teeth, you have a customized toothbrush. Just the color you like. You spend all the time picking out every little aspect of your car in Rocket League, you even do it for two different colors!  This means that your Rocket League controller layout better be customized!

If you are still reading, that means that I have gotten to you, you are considering changing your default controller setup. Good on ya! I’m proud. Depending on how you play Rocket League, we have different suggestions for you down below. Just remember this, these layouts are suggestive, and you should try them in unranked and see if you can break your muscle memory. If you don’t like that particular setup, just switch it up a bit. Try it again and then go on your merry way, kicking butt and taking names!

PS4 Rocket League Controls

Neither one of us play on the PS4, but here are the highest rated PS4 Rocket League Controls I could find. Mind you my googling powers are immense, so these are the best out there. Enjoy the controls:

  • X: Jump
  • Square: Slide
  • Triangle: Barrel roll
  • Circle: Boost
  • L1: Scoreboard
  • L2: Reverse
  • L3: Microphone
  • R1: Look backwards
  • R2: Accelerate
  • R3: Ball cam toggle

These are the highest rated PS4 Rocket League controls I could find. If you are currently using a different setup, feel free to comment them below and I will include them shortly.

Xbox One Rocket League Controls

These are the best Xbox One Rocket League controls to be had. However, modify them as you see fit. You need to be in control of your destiny not me. Plus, when you are killing it, I want it to be all you! Without further ado, the Controls:

  • A: Jump
  • B: Scoreboard
  • X: Rear view
  • Y: Ball cam
  • LB: brake/roll
  • LT: Reverse
  • RB: Boost
  • RT: Gas

Again, if you don’t feel these controls are the best for you, switch it up and let me know. Comment below and I’ll add your suggestions to the article.

PC Rocket League Controls

The holy land of Rocket League! If you aren’t a Rocket League Steam player, get off your Mom’s couch and buy it already! The best PC Rocket League Controls are these:

  • RB: Slide/Roll
  • RT: Reverse
  • LB: Scoreboard
  • LT: Gas
  • A: Jump
  • B: Ball Cam
  • X: Boost
  • Y: Microphone

If you have a fancy Steam controller I recommend putting gas to halfway down on RB, and then boost when pressed all the way down.

All of these Rocket League controller setup tips are up to you to try and find out what works best for you. If you feel like they don’t work at all, then go with a Rocket League controller setup that works for you. Don’t forget to use the links below to share this article. It would mean a lot to us!

12 comments to Rocket League Controller Setup

  • Altier

    I use an XBone controller on PC, so I got a bit confused when I read your article. For PC Controls I halfway expected a KB/m setup, but I can’t tell what or why you have a different PC recommendation than from the default PS4/XBox controls. Did you mean Steam Controller controls? You must not, because you recommend RB as Slide/Roll, LT for Gas, and X for boost, but then go on below to suggest RB for both gas and boost using the Steam Controller…I’m lost in this conundrum.

    • legitimentary

      Thank you! I will update the post with a better solution. Do you have a layout that you would recommend?

  • Dan

    The Xbox controls don’t quite feel right for me, it’s really uncomfortable, sorry.

    • legitimentary

      What should I update it to?

  • Animence

    I use an Xbone controller for PC. My controls are
    Accelerate: Right Trigger
    Brake/Reverse: Left Trigger
    Left Bumper: Left Air Roll
    Right Bumper: Right Air Roll
    Pressing down Left Analog: Use Item
    Pressing down Right Analog: Rear View
    A: Jump
    B: Boost
    X: Powerslide/Air Roll (Normal)
    Y: Switch Ball Cam
    Select: Scoreboard
    These are my favorite controls, the main things that are different is the bumpers and the analog stick (Rear View). I’m still getting used to it, but being able to air roll in the air easily is a must, so I think it’ll help me in the long run.

    • legitimentary

      Thank you for posting your controls! If you’d like I can update the ones in the main article to yours, and give you some well deserved credit?

  • Ismael

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    I can provide high quality articles for you. Let me know.
    Ismael recently posted…IsmaelMy Profile

    • legitimentary

      I do! What are you thinking?

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  • Den

    For some reason my RT button and my A and B buttons are linked. I have tried to look at control scheme and set it to default but it does not work. I have to press bot buttons to go on my gas

  • Dorian Wilebski

    When visiting blogs, i always look for a very nice content like yours . 


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