Rocket League Batmobile

Even though the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has just a 29% rating on Rotten Tomato. It deserved awesome Rocket League DLC. To be fair the new Batman movie has one of the coolest batmobiles to date, so I among many others love the new DLC. I mean if you want to be a cool kid, you have to get the Rocket League batmobile. You also get an awesome pack of three flags to go with your new car. You get a flag for: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I personally like the sound that the special boost for the batmobile has. It makes it super easy for me to tell if someone is sneaking up on me, and I can act accordingly. At a price of only $1.99 this pack can’t be beat. Honestly, I’ll buy anything that supports Rocket League though. It is easily my favorite game! The batmobile DLC is available on all Rocket League platforms.

Here is the sweet trailer for the Rocket League Batmobile DLC!

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  • Bohon

    I love Batman! I’m glad they made a DLC for the batmobile!


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