Rocket League Basketball News Update

OMG, OMG, OMG! I am so excited right now! Psyonix just release an official release date for Rocket League basketball! That date is:

April 26!

If you are as excited as I am about the new hoops update, then this trailer will make you pee your pants. I’m being serious, get a towel or a change of pants ready because you are going to need it!

Wow! Can it be April 26th already?! I mean seriously. I cannot wait to up my aerial game, and wreck some noobs! If you haven’t already read our Rocket League aerials post, here’s the link. To go along with this update, everyone is getting a free NBA logo flag. If you are a fan of the NBA this is awesome, if not who cares! Free stuff is free stuff.

Rocket League Basketball DLC

If you are an NBA fan then you are in luck. On April 26th, with the Rocket League hoops update we will also get some more DLC. For only $1.99 or area equivalency you will get not one, not two, but 30 flags! That is one flag for every single NBA team. If you were Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, you would be ecstatic about all the flag glory!

I really think this is how a game should be. You can buy it for pretty cheap. Then you get major updates on the cheap, free 99 usually. Then on top of that the actually DLC is pretty cheap and isn’t pay to win. Overall Rocket League is just amazing, and I am excited to keep supporting the Psyonix team as they go forward developing such as great game!

The original update post can be found on the official Rocket League website, here.

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