Rocket League Baseball

With all the recent additions to Rocket League, you have to ask when is Rocket League baseball coming? We already have Rocket League hockey, and Rocket league basketball is coming before the end of April. If you hadn’t noticed Rocket League is car soccer, so we can’t be getting Rocket League soccer anytime soon, because we already have it!

If you haven’t been to the Rocket League subreddit you should probably get on it. You will end up seeing a ton of gifs, most of them of crazy shots. You’ll also find petitions to Psyonix for new features, and the occasional screenshot from Psyonix developers talking to mere mortals. This is where we learned about the future of Rocket League baseball.

What we know about Rocket League baseball so far

There is a screenshot floating around where Psyonix_Corey answers a quick question about Rocket League baseball mode. Here’s the link. I really liked the way that Psyonix_Corey was able to multitask. He dissed the entire sport of baseball, and he gave an ambiguous answer. We know his position on baseball, but do we really know if Psyonix is working on a baseball mode? We really don’t know either way if Rocket League baseball will be a thing, or if Psyonix_Corey used his wit to soften the blow to all the baseball hopefuls out there.

I personally would be more excited for a Rocket League tetherball mode. You would have to use insane skill to aerial hit the ball at the precise moment to juke out your opponent. It looks cool in a normal match, but in tetherball mode your moves would be even more intense, I mean the ball will be connected to a rope. Rocket League tetherball could work in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and even the hated 4v4. When it becomes a part of daily Rocket League play, you’ll find me dominating your local server!

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