Rocket League Aerials

What Are Rocket League Aerials?

Rocket league aerials are when you hit the ball out of the air, while being in the air. In my opinion aerials are some of the most impressive hits to see. We have all had that one great hit and then we started freaking out when the ball went in, but how do we make those shots every time?

 rocket league aerialsPRACTICE
when attempting an aerial remember to be in the air by the half court, use your double jump to get up to the desired altitude. tilt back to about a 45 degree angle to get the most out of your boost. Then use your remaining boost to aim and travel at the right speed. The ball has 9 different places that count as a hit. make sure you hit it in the area that will propel it to your opponents goal.
If you go to the training menu there is soo many great ways to practice all types of hits. You can practice your aerial
hits, goalie/defense, and your striking. So if practice makes perfect, then get to practicing. Try playing at different skill levels.
Playing on practice is always different then in a real game, you will find that in a real game aerial setups are not near as common as you would think. Make sure that it is really a good idea for you to try to go for this aerial hit, sometimes leaving your goal available is not worth the attempt at this super awesome hit, other times it can be more than worth it. Most of the time aerials are hard, you are out of position, and too far away, but sometimes it all lines up perfectly. You get the great hit, and you pass, or even better you get a great goal that takes your breath away. That moment is why aerial hits are so worthwhile, it makes you feel like a pro, you shout and look around and remember that no one else was there. So make sure to download a replay of that match and put a picture in the comments below, because I love seeing great goals, passes, basically all of your sweet Rocket League moves.

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