Trading is  pretty important to rocket league.

I mean how often do you get free stuff and trade it for paid stuff.

Getting scammed really sucks I know because it happened to me multiple times. Ways to avoid it is to check for how much +rep they have on steam. if they have lots of friends and lots of +rep i wouldn’t trust them. Also if you are forced to put 24 crates first DON’T DO IT. they will accept and leave. also if you just get keys they hold their value and crates fluctuate value. also if you can get a middle man it helps to not get cheated.  this is a good link for trusted middlemen

so take this new knowledge and get some cool stuff

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Awesome Rocket League Gifs


So have you been over to the Rocket League Reddit lately? I took a trip there and started to watch some great Rocket League Gifs and some amazing plays and such, well suffice it to say that 4 hours later here I am wanting to share some of the best ones with all of you rocket league lovers out there.




If you have a better gif, or image link it in the comments so I can be impressed!!

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