Rocket League Tips Infographic

If you are on the internet for more than five seconds, you’ve heard of infographics before. They are a buzzword across the whole internet, and impossible to escape. Normally, they are decent at best. I mean, do I really need to see an infographic about how many corndogs your Mom can eat? Not really. However, I do need and I really mean NEED here, a Rocket League tips infographic!

Think about the possibilities! There are so many difficult topics to describe using only words. You can take screenshots or gifs, but sometimes the rocket league tips need to be presented in a more manageable solution. That is where the Rocket League tips infographic comes in! Beautiful imagery, descriptive details, and unimaginable comprehension. It is just a bonus that your gameplay will get better!

Without furt...

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Rocket League Aerials

What Are Rocket League Aerials?

Rocket league aerials are when you hit the ball out of the air, while being in the air. In my opinion aerials are some of the most impressive hits to see. We have all had that one great hit and then we started freaking out when the ball went in, but how do we make those shots every time?

 rocket league aerialsPRACTICE
when attempting an aerial remember to be in the air by the half court, use your double jump to get up to the desired altitude. tilt back to about a 45 degree angle to get the most out of your boost. Then use your remaining boost to aim and travel at the right speed. The ball has 9 different places that count as a hit. make sure you hit it in the area that will propel it to your opponents goal.
If you go to the training menu there is soo many great ways to practice a...

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Rocket League Controller Setup

If you are just starting out in Rocket League you probably haven’t considered changing up your Rocket League controller setup. You might even kind of like smashing that microphone button all the time. However, you can move past your opponents and rank higher faster if, you are willing to change up your controller layout.

If you think about it, we customize everything in our lives. I chose what I ate for breakfast, and I customized it by adding two types of cereals together. When you brush your teeth, you have a customized toothbrush. Just the color you like. You spend all the time picking out every little aspect of your car in Rocket League, you even do it for two different colors!  This means that your Rocket League controller layout better be customized!

If you are still reading, that m...

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Rocket League Wasteland

We’ve all had it happen to us before, we are kicking butt over and over again in ranked play. Then the next arena loads and it is Wasteland! You calmly palm your controller like a grenade, and chuck it out the window! That is the only solution to playing Wasteland at the moment, The Wasteland arena truly is a Rocket League wasteland. The worst part is, Wasteland is an arena from the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

You personally might like playing Wasteland, which I actually do when I am playing 4v4, it gives you a little more room to play. The room is appreciated when you are playing with seven noobs. You have a slight chance to not be rammed four thousand times in the first minute of the game. However, the main consensus is that Wasteland is the pits...

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Rocket League Achievements

Rocket League Achievements are great!!

While playing on steam there are many different rocket league achievements, some hard to get, such a Spectacular, others easy, like Tinkerer. With over 54 different achievements at least one of them will work for you. Achievements are great for bragging rights, next to of course to total time played and level.   If you have been playing Rocket League for a while you may have unlocked most of the collectibles, if so this achievement is for you.
Rocket League Achievements Image Drift King

preform a 180 power slide with both the Cristiano and Spinner Wheels.

Try playing different game modes to unlock more achievements.

Rocket League Achievements ImageSingle Club

win a 1v1 game.

Rocket League Achievements ImageDouble Up

win a 2v2 game.

Rocket League Achievements Image Triple Threat

Win a 3v3 game.

Rocket League Achievements ImageAll Fours

Win a 4v4 game.

Rocket League Achievements ImageWinner

win a total of 5 games across any gamemode.

Rocket League Achievements ImageThe ...

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