Rocket League Season 4

Season 4! We finally have some updates on Rocket League season 4! We know about the rewards of Season 3, when Season 4 should start, and some surprises in Season 4!

Rocket League Season 4 – What we know

Season 4 should be starting by the beginning of April. I really hope it isn’t going to be April 1st. I could totally see Psyonix doing a huge prank on everyone! They are releasing a future game update so the time that Season 4 starts still has a variable date. Which I am am fine with, I don’t want to have a bad update so I am fine waiting until Psyonix is ready. The rewards for Season 3 are going to be wheels! Aww yeah! Wheels are going to be important because they are way easier to show off than other items in the past, If you get shooting star or above you get animated wheels...

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Rocket League Basketball News Update

OMG, OMG, OMG! I am so excited right now! Psyonix just release an official release date for Rocket League basketball! That date is:

April 26!

If you are as excited as I am about the new hoops update, then this trailer will make you pee your pants. I’m being serious, get a towel or a change of pants ready because you are going to need it!

Wow! Can it be April 26th already?! I mean seriously. I cannot wait to up my aerial game, and wreck some noobs! If you haven’t already read our Rocket League aerials post, here’s the link. To go along with this update, everyone is getting a free NBA logo flag. If you are a fan of the NBA this is awesome, if not who cares! Free stuff is free stuff.

Rocket League Basketball DLC

If you are an NBA fan then you are in luck...

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Rocket League Baseball

With all the recent additions to Rocket League, you have to ask when is Rocket League baseball coming? We already have Rocket League hockey, and Rocket league basketball is coming before the end of April. If you hadn’t noticed Rocket League is car soccer, so we can’t be getting Rocket League soccer anytime soon, because we already have it!

If you haven’t been to the Rocket League subreddit you should probably get on it. You will end up seeing a ton of gifs, most of them of crazy shots. You’ll also find petitions to Psyonix for new features, and the occasional screenshot from Psyonix developers talking to mere mortals. This is where we learned about the future of Rocket League baseball.

What we know about Rocket League baseball so far

There is a screenshot floating around where Psyonix_Co...

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Rocket League Update: April

There are some amazing updates in store for us during April! Here’s the link to the official announcement of what we can expect in April. I’ll just give you a quick rundown. Rocket League Update: April!!!

My favorite Rocket League update is Hoops! Who isn’t excited for Rocket League Basketball?! We learned a little more about Hoops in the announcement, it will be available in Private Match, Exhibition, or new Casual Playlist that you play 2v2. The arena for Hoops is going to be called “Dunk House”. Overall this is going to be an amazing update, and I imagine I’m going to sink a lot of time into Hoops.

Other announcements included: Replay Quick-Saving, Replay Naming, Bounce Fixes, Xbox One updates, and “Cosmic” Arena...

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Rocket League Batmobile

Even though the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has just a 29% rating on Rotten Tomato. It deserved awesome Rocket League DLC. To be fair the new Batman movie has one of the coolest batmobiles to date, so I among many others love the new DLC. I mean if you want to be a cool kid, you have to get the Rocket League batmobile. You also get an awesome pack of three flags to go with your new car. You get a flag for: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I personally like the sound that the special boost for the batmobile has. It makes it super easy for me to tell if someone is sneaking up on me, and I can act accordingly. At a price of only $1.99 this pack can’t be beat. Honestly, I’ll buy anything that supports Rocket League though...

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