8 Rocket League Hoops Tips

The Rocket League Hoops mode has dropped. For Rocket League Hoops tips, you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t played the new update, you must give it a try.

Hoops is a twist on the classic game of basketball, but with aerial flips, charges, and maneuvers. This game update requires plenty of flying ninja moves if you want to beat your opponents, so my biggest piece of advice is to practice your flying. After you’ve done some practicing, practice more.

Rocket League Basketball Tips

The Net Advantage

While the ball can’t drive through the net portion, you can. If you’re close enough to snap that ball away from your net, it can be the difference between scoring a point and sending that ball back to the other side.

Go on the Attack

While traditionally, you’ll want to have a goalie i...

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Rocket League Hoops Review

Wow! We’ve had hoops for three days. What a glorious three days it has been. I’ve definitely played a lot more Rocket League Hoops than I thought I was going to. If you haven’t seen the trailer go check out our previous article about all the hoops hype. Anyways, let get down to the nitty gritty, aka the review.

Rocket League Hoops Review

I’m going to break the review into a few categories: Dunk House (the new arena), 2v2, the hoop, and miscellaneous. That way I won’t be going all over the place, and we can focus together on one topic at a time. Let’s start with Dunk House.

Dunk House

I never thought I would play Rocket League in such a small area. I have also never been demolished in rapid succession like that...

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Rocket League Basketball News Update

OMG, OMG, OMG! I am so excited right now! Psyonix just release an official release date for Rocket League basketball! That date is:

April 26!

If you are as excited as I am about the new hoops update, then this trailer will make you pee your pants. I’m being serious, get a towel or a change of pants ready because you are going to need it!

Wow! Can it be April 26th already?! I mean seriously. I cannot wait to up my aerial game, and wreck some noobs! If you haven’t already read our Rocket League aerials post, here’s the link. To go along with this update, everyone is getting a free NBA logo flag. If you are a fan of the NBA this is awesome, if not who cares! Free stuff is free stuff.

Rocket League Basketball DLC

If you are an NBA fan then you are in luck...

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Rocket League Tips Infographic

If you are on the internet for more than five seconds, you’ve heard of infographics before. They are a buzzword across the whole internet, and impossible to escape. Normally, they are decent at best. I mean, do I really need to see an infographic about how many corndogs your Mom can eat? Not really. However, I do need and I really mean NEED here, a Rocket League tips infographic!

Think about the possibilities! There are so many difficult topics to describe using only words. You can take screenshots or gifs, but sometimes the rocket league tips need to be presented in a more manageable solution. That is where the Rocket League tips infographic comes in! Beautiful imagery, descriptive details, and unimaginable comprehension. It is just a bonus that your gameplay will get better!

Without furt...

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Rocket League Controller Setup

If you are just starting out in Rocket League you probably haven’t considered changing up your Rocket League controller setup. You might even kind of like smashing that microphone button all the time. However, you can move past your opponents and rank higher faster if, you are willing to change up your controller layout.

If you think about it, we customize everything in our lives. I chose what I ate for breakfast, and I customized it by adding two types of cereals together. When you brush your teeth, you have a customized toothbrush. Just the color you like. You spend all the time picking out every little aspect of your car in Rocket League, you even do it for two different colors!  This means that your Rocket League controller layout better be customized!

If you are still reading, that m...

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