Rocket League Season 4

Season 4! We finally have some updates on Rocket League season 4! We know about the rewards of Season 3, when Season 4 should start, and some surprises in Season 4!

Rocket League Season 4 – What we know

Season 4 should be starting by the beginning of April. I really hope it isn’t going to be April 1st. I could totally see Psyonix doing a huge prank on everyone! They are releasing a future game update so the time that Season 4 starts still has a variable date. Which I am am fine with, I don’t want to have a bad update so I am fine waiting until Psyonix is ready. The rewards for Season 3 are going to be wheels! Aww yeah! Wheels are going to be important because they are way easier to show off than other items in the past, If you get shooting star or above you get animated wheels...

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Best Rocket League Shirts of 2017

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing graphics tees. I like how I can support things I like, and other people can see that. All of these shirts are available on Amazon, because it is the easiest place in the world to order stuff. If you like a shirt, feel free to click on it and you’ll be linked to Amazon. If you would like to see some shirts from Redbubble, or Teespring let me know and I can make a list from there as well. Without further ado, I give you the best Rocket League shirts of 2017.

Best Rocket League Shirts of 2016 #7

Best Rocket League Shirts of 2016 #9

Wow! You’ve read through to number seven. You deserve a medal! At the very least an uncommon topper in Rocket League. If you read this feel free to add Legitimentary on Steam and if I have any uncommon toppers left, I’ll give you one for free! Anyways this...

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7 Rocket League Aerial Tips

We’ve all seen those gifs on r/RocketLeague.

The kind that inspire you to put even more hours into Rocket League.

Here’s a compilation we threw together a few weeks ago of said gifs. I personally want to be on the level that people like my gifs, and want to make gifs of me. It is like the modern day statue!

How can you get better? By following these 7 Rocket League Aerial Tips. Enough said. Just do it!

Feather the Boost

I’m sure you’ve done it just like I have. Gone up for a sweet aerial shot, and you run out of boost before you even get there! You feel like a noob, and if you are playing 1v1 you most likely just got scored on. By feathering the boost you can control where you are going a lot easier, you have more boost to end your aerial with, and you can achieve a hover of sorts...

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10 Advanced Rocket League Tips – A Tutorial

If you’re reading through this, you already know how to play Rocket League. I would recommend being familiar and comfortable with aerials. These tips will be on your level if you can pass all the trainings at the Pro level. By following these tips you will get a higher rank on the easy. Which is what we all want right?

1. Drifting with Style

I’m sure you’ve seen this tip being used against you before. You are in a game and have a breakaway against your opponent, and out of nowhere they are able to catch up. This is because they were able to drift with style and surprise you. Two main ways to flip your car around fast can be seen in use. One is to jump and flip your car 180 degrees around and then you can continue chasing the ball to your heart’s content...

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Rocket League Guide (Fun Sized)

How many of you guys have had a teammate that has no idea what is going on? I sure have, and I used to be that teammate forever ago. When I am teaching my friends how to play Rocket League I definitely want a Rocket League guide on how to play. Not tutorials, because you can pick up bad habits playing tutorials, or by playing the seasons mode. I am talking about an easy to read flow chart that can help you teach your friends, and maybe yourself, how to quit being so bad at Rocket League. Thanks to MegaChip97 from Reddit for solving this problem for me, and for a lot of other people out there. I’ll quit gushing about this Rocket League guide, and just show you guys already!

The Rocket League Guide

rocket league guide

You’ll want to download it to be able to see it better, because it doesn’t fit very well on ...

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