7 Rocket League Aerial Tips

We’ve all seen those gifs on r/RocketLeague.

The kind that inspire you to put even more hours into Rocket League.

Here’s a compilation we threw together a few weeks ago of said gifs. I personally want to be on the level that people like my gifs, and want to make gifs of me. It is like the modern day statue!

How can you get better? By following these 7 Rocket League Aerial Tips. Enough said. Just do it!

Feather the Boost

I’m sure you’ve done it just like I have. Gone up for a sweet aerial shot, and you run out of boost before you even get there! You feel like a noob, and if you are playing 1v1 you most likely just got scored on. By feathering the boost you can control where you are going a lot easier, you have more boost to end your aerial with, and you can achieve a hover of sorts. The way that I would recommend doing this, is to get into an exhibition match without bots. Then go around gathering boost until you hit the sweet 100 boost spot. Then get almost inside your goal. After you have achieved this, jump and tilt your car back. While still in the air start boosting towards the other goal. You’ll notice that if you actually feather your boost, you’ll have much more control, and you will be able to actually make it to the other goal. To make this a challenge, try starting in the goal but facing your side of the field. Once you have the basics of feathering the boost down, go practice some more!

Experiment with the Pitch of the Car

Have you seen a freestyle aerial goal before? This is how people are scoring crazy goals like that. They have learned what changing the pitch, or the direction and angle their car, can do while doing an aerial. You should experiment with the pitch because you will be able to drastically improve your handling in the air while going after the ball. The way I would practice this would be to get into practice mode for aerials. Then try approaching the ball with a slightly different pitch each time, and see what works best. The more you practice controlling the pitch, the faster you will be looking like Kronovi.

rocket league aerial tips 4


This is one of the Rocket League aerial tips that helped me improve from no aerials at all, to being kind of decent. If you think about it, most people rush their aerials, which leads to a botched aerial. Which leads to┬ábeing scored on, being laughed at, and “What a Save!” being spammed in your direction. Make sure to not waste all your boost on forward momentum, or you will never hit the ball when it is at the top of the arena. This tip can be practiced in any match of Rocket League. Just slow down already!

Touch the Ball

Make sure to hit the ball with most of your car. If you barely tap the ball, the odds are you will get owned. Start in practice mode for aerials. Then you will want to practice landing on the ball with your car. Practice with the ball in the air, as well as the ground. After you can do that repeatedly, move on to crashing into the ball with all four wheels at once. This will send a tremendous amount of force at the ball, and you’ll score for sure. After you are successfully aerial hugging the ball, go for a dive. Try and hit the ball with the front of your car. Striking the ball in this fashion will help you shoot the ball in the direction that you want. The next step would be to practice slamming the back of your car down into the ball, I don’t have that mastered yet so let me know how it goes for you.

Use Barrel Roll after Contact

Pretty self explanatory here. Do a barrel roll, just like google does, after hitting the ball in the air. This will complete your Rocket League aerial, and give you an advantage over your opponents. It helps you keep momentum after hitting the ball, but most importantly it helps you land on your feet like a cat. When I started playing Rocket League, I lost a lot of games when I wasn’t recovering from an aerial fast enough. Using a barrel roll was a game changer to me. Try it out for yourself.

Whoever is Closest Should Go for the Aerial (Most of the Time)

This tip actually comes from Kronovi, currently the best Rocket League player in the world. If you are closer than your teammates and the opponents, it is a no brainer that you should go for the aerial. Make sure you have the right trajectory, follow the other tips, and kick butt! If you attempt to go for an aerial while further away from someone, they will have an obvious advantage. However, if you play it right you can still beat them to the ball. How? Jumping first will do it for you. This isn’t a recommendation to try this every time, but if you keep finding yourself losing aerial contests, try it. If you are already in the air you have an advantage on your opponent. Your z axis is much closer to the ball than theirs is. This gives you a fighting chance to get to the ball first, and discount the above mentioned Rocket League aerial tip. Again, this came from Kronovi so it must be true, right?

Steer Before You Jump

This tip can save you the game. It is far easier to steer while on the ground, than to steer after you have started your aerial. What you should do is align your car point towards where you want the ball to end up. The whole time, you should be watching the ball’s trajectory. If you time it just right, which is where practice comes in, you can strike the ball and score that amazing gif worthy goal! Practice this Rocket League tip by jumping into the aerial practice mode, and point your car towards a location on the screen. Only after you have aligned yourself, start your aerial and knock that ball into oblivion!

If you’d like to see some of these tips in a video, check out this one!

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