10 Advanced Rocket League Tips – A Tutorial

If you’re reading through this, you already know how to play Rocket League. I would recommend being familiar and comfortable with aerials. These tips will be on your level if you can pass all the trainings at the Pro level. By following these tips you will get a higher rank on the easy. Which is what we all want right?

1. Drifting with Style

I’m sure you’ve seen this tip being used against you before. You are in a game and have a breakaway against your opponent, and out of nowhere they are able to catch up. This is because they were able to drift with style and surprise you. Two main ways to flip your car around fast can be seen in use. One is to jump and flip your car 180 degrees around and then you can continue chasing the ball to your heart’s content. The other is to slam down your reverse and break while turning. This will help you drift insanely fast 180 degrees. after this drift make sure to apply boost immediately to make up for time lost while turning around. Using either of these methods will give you a heavy advantage against your opponents.

2. Barrel Roll While Doing an Aerial

This tips is a little harder to master than the previous. First I would remap your barrel roll to L1 or something to get it away from your thumb. Then you will be able to barrel roll so much easier. This can help to stabilize your car, and can lead to some awesome goals. If you have never used the barrel roll button before, it basically changes your plane of rotation while in the air. Go try it, and this explanation will make sense.

3. Roof Dribble

This is one of the tricks that got me to start playing Rocket League in the first place. Watching Kronovi or someone like him dribbling the ball on the roof of his car across the field and scoring was awe inspiring to me. To be able to roof dribble, I would recommend going to free play mode. At kickoff turn slightly to the right to scoop the ball up onto your hood, and practice driving left and right to keep the ball on your hood. It takes a while, but can absolutely destroy the defense. The reason behind this is, when the defense rushes you, you can easily leap over them. They look ridiculous and you come across as a boss. A win-win in my book.

4. Reverse Aerial

If you thought you were good at aerials, you need to try this. Turn on ball cam, hop in the air, and fly in reverse towards the ball. I would practice in rookie¬†aerial training, or else you will look like a noob in a real game. The reverse aerial will surprise opponents, and help you get an edge when you are facing the wrong direction to get the ball. I’ve had this used against me, when I thought I had an easy aerial waiting for me to score with. It looks dope when you can successfully do it, and will definitely help you advance ranks fast!

5. Inside Out Aerial

This Rocket League tip is a little rough. You will need to fly up at about a 45 degree angle, and then tilt your car backwards. While in the air try and make a solid hit on the ball. This is a really slow way to aerial, and is usually used as a last ditch effort to block your opponents hit. Be careful when using this Rocket League tip, because more often than not you will find the ball sitting on the goal line after you hit it. As long as you can trust your teammates, go for it!

6. Double Touch Aerial

If you thought normal one touch Rocket League aerials were tough, wait until you get a load of this! The goal of this tip, is to hit the ball not once, but twice in the air. I personally haven’t mastered this tip yet, but I have been able to get a double touch aerial goal once or twice. I felt good, and I mean really good! If you can master the double touch aerial, you won’t have a problem advancing through the ranks like a hot knife through butter!

7. The wall to Aerial Hit

You’ll need to be comfortable jumping off the wall and hitting the ball for this tip to benefit you. After said jump, you will need to chase down the ball while in the air, and perform an aerial. If you can do that, please send me a gif because I think this hit is amazing! I start to drool, and have to buy a new keyboard. Be wary of the difficulty of this tip though, jumping off the wall leaves your car in a weird state and frequently you crash to the ground. That is if you are me.

8. Aerial. Then Barrel Roll

Most everyone know that you can dodge at the end of an aerial to get that extra boost over your opponent. Did you also know that you can finish your aerial with a barrel roll to flick the ball at the last second? This can lead to major confusion by your opponents, as well as some replay worthy goals. I personally have been working on this. It isn’t easy, but the times I have pulled it off I have to pull out my sunglasses and make a thug life vine.

9. Double Jump before Aerial

This tip isn’t advised for every aerial. When you start your aerial with a double jump, you get higher in the air faster than a single boost followed by boost. However, starting with a double jump is going to sacrifice the dodge at the end of your aerial. When you are the last line of defense, the double jump then aerial could be just the thing you need to block the ball and save the day. Practice it, and let me know what you think.

10. Crazy kick offs

To be honest, everyone has their own way to kick off. You can get away with just boosting at the ball, and you’ll be fine. I however, like to boost, flip and then end at the ball with 12 boost left. When I time it correctly, I hit just after my opponent. This rockets the ball across their side of the field, and I have a little boost to get a head start on them. If you guys would like an article about kick off strategies, just comment about it below and we will get on it.


That marks the end of the 10 Advanced Rocket League Tips. I’ll also include a video that goes over all the tips, in case you would like to see what I was talking about actually being done.

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